State Theatre Detmold

In November 2018 we received an inquiry from our customer, the Detmold Landestheater, about the extension of the mobile microphone system with ten additional tracks. After reviewing the request and knowing the customer's requirements for mobile use in the area, we decided to offer a Shure Axxent digital system. Even though this system is only new on the market and the experience is not yet available, the advantages with an automatic frequency management and a minute-accurate residual battery display are of decisive importance, especially in the touring sector. The advantages of the extremely small pocket transmitter with a standard mini XLR socket, to which headsets from alternative manufacturers can also be connected without any problems, were also important. Thanks to the good dealer cooperation of Shure, an independent presentation appointment could be arranged at short notice, so that the manufacturer could present the comparability to existing systems and also the fulfilment of the required technical data. After the construction of the racks with 5 dual receivers, 2 charging units for the batteries, an antenna splitter and the frequency monitoring system, the rack quickly became full. Of course, a network switch had to be included, since the devices clustered via network and could all be controlled by a laptop. The audio playback is analogue or can be distributed via Dante over a network. After a briefing on the system, it was then subjected to everyday testing in practice at the Hoftheater 2019. In addition to its simple handling and good usability via software, it quickly convinced the jury with its robustness. After the first experiences, the Shure company held a 5-hour workshop with the theatre's technicians to present the last details with the aim of making it as easy as possible to use. Here the saving and loading of configurations was shown. Setting up the automatic frequency management with the alternate frequencies to be used was an important point, especially in times of DVB- T and LTE networks. In frequency scanning, the band can be scanned for existing transmitters and an automatic frequency raster can be calculated by entering the required transmission channels and the number of alternate channels. This is then monitored by the frequency management system. This significantly increases operational reliability, as the system automatically switches over in the event of problems with a transmission frequency. This is particularly advantageous for mobile use in the country!

- Shure Axxent digital system

Thalia Theatre Hamburg

Seis Akustik was commissioned by the Thalia Theater Hamburg to refurbish the audio technology. In the first part, a Studer sound mixing console, type Vista 9, was delivered and installed. In the second part, the audio control room and the entire audio network were refurbished during the theatre's summer break 2013. This included not only the electrical and electronic components, but also the structural measures. All subcontractors, such as carpenters, locksmiths, painters, electricians, floor layers etc. were commissioned and coordinated by Siusi's acoustics department. In order to ensure that the work at the mixing console was ergonomically correct for all sound engineers, Seis Akustik supplied a substructure for the mixing console that was adjustable in height and inclination. A special challenge of this project was to bring order to the undocumented and historically grown cabling structures in the short time available. The date of the premiere event could be kept and all participants were satisfied.

- Sound emitter
- Mixer amplifier
- Microphones XYZ

State Parliament of Lower Saxony Hanover

This project is special for Seis Akustik! We are now allowed to support our long-standing customer in the reconstruction of the plenary hall. Complex and safe solutions are required. Especially the routing management of audio and video signals with the special requirements of a state parliament session is not an everyday occurrence. The experience we have gained over the years in the field of automated web-streaming and the system of speech time recording per party and speaker, we can also bring to bear here. Our tasks also include event kinetics, the programming of media controls and digital sound processors.

- Sound emitter XYZ
- Mixer amplifier XYZ
- Microphones XYZ